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Crossroads of the West – Gun Show – February 21st and 22nd


  • Crossroads of the West Gun Show will be at 
  • Arizona State Fairgrounds 1826 W. McDowell Ave.
  • on February 21-22.



You can buy your tickets at the show or

on line at

 Wholesale Ammo will be at the Phoenix show and all

Crossroads Gun Shows


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Wild West Comes to Life!

BA - Shooter

PHOENIX — The largest Western-style encampment in the world will return to the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix, Feb. 23 – 28.

Winter Range, the Single-Action Shooting Society’s (SASS) National Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting, will draw more than 1,100 competitors from 42 states and six foreign countries. These male and female competitors, ranging from ages 12-80, compete in nearly three dozen categories dictated by age and competitive style.

In addition, this year the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association and the SASS Mounted Shooters have combined to create an incredibly exciting three-day mounted shooting event. The event is expected to draw more than 100 competitors mounted on horses participating in their own arena Feb. 27 – March 1.

BA - GroupCowboy Action Shooting™, the fastest-growing shooting sport in America, requires that contestants compete with firearms typical of those used in the taming of the Old West: single-action revolvers, lever-action rifles, and period shotguns.

Participants must also adopt a shooting alias appropriate to either a character or profession of the late 19th century, a Hollywood western star, or an appropriate character from fiction, and then they costume themselves accordingly. This is a shooting sport that is safe, fun and family friendly, annually drawing multiple generations of the same family to compete in their respective categories.

In addition to the competitive events, Winter Range 2015 will feature displays of period militaria, exhibitions of western skills and crafts, a fast-draw competition, and nearly 100 vendors purveying everything from period clothing, hats and wigs to antiques and reproductions. Entertainment will be readily available in the form of a number of singers, cowboy bands, trick roping, trick horses, and various other forms of cowboy entertainment.

 Also this year, Wyatt Earp, the great grand-nephew of his namesake, will be giving a special stage presentation with his wife as “Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt Earp,” reminiscing about their amazing lives and times at 2 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 28.

A variety of food services are also available, ranging from authentic chuck wagon cooking to hot dogs and ice cream.

The Ben Avery Shooting Facility is a five-star rated shooting facility and Phoenix Point of Pride operated by the Arizona Game and Fish Department. It is located on Carefree Highway in Phoenix, just west of I-17.

 Winter Range is truly an exciting and educational event for the entire family. Admission is free with a small charge for parking that is donated to charity.



Arizona Fishing Report – December 19th, 2014

Arizona Fishing Report – December 19th, 2014

TempeKiwanis.jpgTop picks to fish this week are the trout-stocked Community Fishing Program waters (Tempe Kiwanis Lake just received a whopping 1,000-pound rainbow trout stocking), Lake Pleasant for flathead catfish, Bartlett Lake for high numbers of largemouth bass, and Alamo Lake for decent crappie action.Top picks to fish this week are the trout-stocked Community Fishing Program waters (Tempe Kiwanis Lake just received a whopping 1,000-pound rainbow trout stocking), Lake Pleasant for flathead catfish, Bartlett Lake for high numbers of largemouth bass, and Alamo Lake for decent crappie action.

See an update from the community waters from our Fish AZ blog.

Be sure to check the ADOT website for road conditions before traveling this weekend – the Kinnikinick Road, for one, is now closed for the winter.

Heading into the winter doldrums, the metabolism of fish such as largemouth bass slows. With this weekend’s rainy (and in higher elevations, snowy) weather, fishing tends to slow down. These can be difficult months to fish. For bass, try something such as a Carolina rig with a long leader and work a plastic worm slowly.

The best place to trout fish statewide can be at the Community Fishing Program waters.

Also, Jim Goughnour of Rim Country Custom Rods reported: “We’re finally getting some snow up on the (Mogollon) Rim, which overall is a good thing. During the next couple of months, we’ll be talking about frozen lakes and closed roads, but keep in mind that a large portion of that snow ultimately ends up in Roosevelt Lake. When that snow melts, it will ensure a steady flow of fresh nutritional water into the lake well into the spring of 2015.

Trout angling on the Rim may be limited but there are still plenty of streams and lower level lakes reporting excellent trout fishing conditions. Green Valley Lake in Payson, continues to reports excellent results of 12-14-inch stocked rainbow trout. PowerBaits, salmon eggs and small spinner baits were working yesterday.”

See our Fish&Boat Arizona map for directions to our state’s primary fisheries.

See the full report for more details, and please share your fishing memories and pictures with us at

Read the rest of the Fishing Report.



Javelina Hunt – Life and Times of Hutch – New Book!

My New Book is now Available on

Javelina Hunt, The Life and Times of Hutch is the first in a series of Western Short Stories. Kerr Hutchinson makes his home on a cattle ranch near Cave Creek Arizona in the mid-1890’s. Most of his friends call him Hutch. Hutch wanders the Arizona Territory, enjoying his time off the ranch in simple pursuits. Occasionally Hutch finds himself in some sort of trouble, usually of somebody else’s making. The ever resourceful Hutch always comes out on top although not always unscathed. Hutch enjoys his life and his rare opportunity to explore Arizona, but his commitment to freedom my break the heart of young ladies he meets in his travels.


Javelina Hunt 

Arizona Fishing Report – December 12th, 2014

Arizona Fishing Report December 12th, 2014

Believe it or not, this is great weather for trout fishing. At least it is in mid-elevation and lower SilverCreek1_1.jpgelevation waters where we do our trout stockings.


It’s a great time to fish the Tucson area. We received a report from Pena Blanca, where trout are being stocked and the water temperature on Dec. 6 was 53 degrees. But apparently it’s some smaller largemouth bass that are consistently hitting dropshot-rigged plastic worms.

In the Phoenix area, try the one-two punch of the Lower Salt River and Saguaro Lake because they are close to one another, and are being stocked. The Lower Salt was scheduled to be stocked this week and Saguaro is scheduled to be stocked the week of Dec. 15.

Anglers can try fly fishing in all trout-stocked waters such as the Lower Salt. Copper johns, prince nymphs, and egg patterns can work well for sub-surface flies, and for dry fly anglers can try stimulators and elk hair caddis. If you are spin fishing try small Rooster Tails with a gold blade in the slower moving water.

Saguaro has lots of fishing piers, especially in the Key Hole area just up from the marina. PowerBait is effective, but anglers may also want to try nightcrawlers that entice largemouth bass, yellow bass, bluegill and catfish. If you’ve learned how to tie a dropshot rig, try one with a nightcrawler or even mealworm.

Don’t forget the Community Fishing Program lakes are stocked with trout in the winter. There may be times when the community waters are offering some of the best trout fishing in the state. An angler reported to our Mesa Regional office Tuesday, Dec. 9 to weigh the above rainbow trout that weighed 3.46 pounds and measured 19 inches long.

Check the entire winter stocking schedule. 

In the White Mountains, some lakes are thawing out with the recent warmer weather.  Most areas have had no recent reports, but the little info we have indicates that even the higher elevation lakes have some open water at this time. Hot spots are Becker Lake and Silver Creek. Both are catch-and-release with artificial fly and lure with single barbless hooks only.

Not a bad time to get up to these mountains for a white Christmas. Speaking of – if you’re in need of some affordable holiday gift ideas, we’ve got you covered. Read about some of these ideas, including a $5 kids fishing license (great stocking stuffer.)

Read the rest of the report!


Arizona Fishing Report – It’s Trout Time

Arizona Fishing Report – It’s Trout Time

Trout time, it is.

Rainbow trout were just stocked into Beaver Creek, Verde River, Deadhorse lakes, Lynx Lake, Goldwater Lake, Fain Lake, Patagonia Lake, Pena Blanca Lake, Cluff Ranch, Dankworth Pond, Roper Lake and Graham County Fairgrounds Pond.

Also, trout were stocked into Apache Lake, Canyon Lake, Saguaro Lake. Many anglers like to throw big rainbow trout imitation swimbaits for a chance at lunker largemouth bass.Chevelon_Canyon

Jim Goughnour of Rim Country Custom Rods offered the following tips:

Trout fishing around piers and docks on these lakes can be lots of fun for a family fishing day. For bass anglers, it means there are a few weeks of exciting fishing before the water turns too cold for bass to chase these trout. In the meantime, imitation trout swimbaits can catch giant sized bass if conditions are right.

To Read the full Report Click Here.

Arizona Fishing Report – October 24th 2013

Barlett BassThe second cast at Bartlett Lake Saturday morning, which sent a crankbait to touchdown just off a rocky point near the shoreline, produced that pop and pull from a bass we all surely love.

The 3-inch crankbait, diving and rising, duped a largemouth bass just after 8 a.m. Many more followed. The weather was bright and cool and clean with a party of four that included boat operator Skyler Clark, the fishing manager at the Mesa-based Sportsman’s Warehouse. Just a whip of wind. Now’s a great time to fish any desert lake such as Bartlett.

Largemouth bass were hitting just off the shoreline on deep-diving crankbaits. The above presentation involved reeling the crankbait quickly a few times, pausing around 4 seconds to let it rise, and then reeling quickly again. Repeating this process was effective until around 1 p.m., targeting shoreline points and ledges in around 20 feet of water. Water temperatures reached a high of 71 degrees.

The ledges and reefs in around 20 feet of water also could be targeted with green pumpkin Gary Yamamoto jigs and dropshot-rigged Roboworms (morning dawn.)  Fishing leisurely, we caught about 20 bass during the morning.

Crappie lovers, be on alert: Roosevelt Lake is reportedly the hot spot for these piscatorial delicacies.

At Lake Pleasant, there reportedly was a 29-pound striper that was weighed in at Lake Pleasant Marina. But the fish apparently didn’t top the 29-pound, 13.76-ounce striper that is the inland waters, hook-and-line state record.

It’s not too late visit Upper Lake Mary near Flagstaff.  The northern pike bite should be OK. Anglers also can target walleye and yellow perch and largemouth bass. Best part is there are no boat motor restrictions.

Ashurst Lake, also in the Flagstaff area, should be a good bet. Trout anglers sometimes hook into pike. Ashurst typically is one of the more reliable trout lakes in the summer.

Dogtown Lake near Williams can a fantastic fall lake. It typically harbors some decent brown trout that should be staging to spawn. From different parts of this lake, anglers can see Bill Williams Mountain and the San Francisco Peaks.

Don’t forget about Kaibab Lake near Williams. It’s an incredible launching place to visit the Grand Canyon — it’s only about an hour or so drive away.

And get to Big Lake while you can. Fishing may be a bit slow at times, but there’s some opportunity for some big rainbow and cutthroat trout, said Ray at the Big Lake Store. There have been reports of trout to 2 and even 4 pounds in the past week caught in shallow water with some spinners. But nightcrawlers are outfishing everything. Boats are still available for rent. By the time the store closes in about three weeks, the fishing should be perfect.

The Urban trout stocking program is underway and Payson’s Green Valley Lake has received its first rainbow trout stocking. The stockings will continue every other week for the next several months with the next stocking happen the week of Oct. 28. By the way, Green Valley Urban Lakes are the only urban lakes to receive trout this early. The remaining urban lakes won’t see any trout stockings until mid November. Salmon eggs, power bait and worms were reported successful this past week by local anglers.  Read More…


Arizona Fishing Report – October 18th, 2013

Arizona Fishing Report – October 18th, 2013

Anglers Report:

WaterRanchCarpChris O. has enjoyed some great Urban fishing — including this monster carp —  at the Water Ranch in Gilbert: Fishing has been really great this past week. I have caught channel catfish, bluegill and large carp all off of corn on a size No. 12 treble hook fished about 2.5 feet below a bobber with 8-pound test line. But I attached pics of a monster — it took over an hour online to land him.

Bill V. found out Oct. 13 that “Luck is what you make of it”: The guide was a young man, not exactly what I would call well-seasoned, but he was trying.  He claimed that he fished the tournament circuits with a “well known professional” that remained un-named.  We had gotten a late start because two rude people had not planned their morning well, and our guide delayed our departure for at least 30 minutes while we waited on them. With everyone finally on board we idled out of the launching area and the 250 horse Mercury took over.  He throttled it up and we were pushed back into our seats.  When we caught up with the boat he throttled up again, and again we were slammed back by the force of acceleration.  Then a third time.  If it were possible for a boat to burn rubber this one had done it in all three gears.  It felt like a jet plane during takeoff.  We were at Jackass Cove in less than three minutes.  We idled into the area as he watched the Lowrance Fish Finder.  He found the spot he liked and dropped anchor.  Within a few minutes we were all outfitted with baited hooks and being instructed in the use of them.  We fished there for about an hour.  The fish were there.  You could see them on the screen, but they would just tap at the bait.  There were eight people on the boat, two young boys and one woman.  No one was able to set a hook.  Our guide lifted anchor and we rocketed to Sheriff’s Cove.  More of the same story.  Nathan, one of the boys finally hooked two small stripers about the size of a hot dog. The guide was scratching his head and saying he had never seen the fish act like this.  He again pulled anchor and we blasted off for Honeymoon Cove.  We were using small sardine-like fish that were frozen for bait.  The guide would cut them into pieces approximately 3/4 inch long and discard the heads and tails, getting three pieces of bait from each fish.  The heads and tails would go over the side to act as chum.  After fishing here for some time, with lots of hits but no hooks, the guide suggested that someone needed to bite the head off a sardine for luck, although he admitted that he had never actually seen someone do it.  This got some laughs, but no takers.  Another fifteen minutes and we were all a little discouraged, so I decided to improvise.  After all, luck is what you make of it.  I had a bag of beef jerky in my jacket pocket and retrieved a good size chew, then when no one was watching I took a sardine off the stack and pulled off its head making a distinctive difference from the razor cuts on the other fish. I waited until the guide started to look my way and tossed the sardine back on the pile.  Chewing on the jerky, and with a slight look of displeasure on my face, I said, “Well now, you can’t say you haven’t seen it”.  The guide’s jaw dropped to his chest, the two boy’s eyes popped out, and the woman started to gag.  I just chewed the jerky and swallowed hard.  Within the next ten minutes I caught a 2 1/2 pound striper and a 3 1/2 pound catfish, all the while coaxing the others that if they wanted to catch fish, they needed to eat a fish head.  None had the nerve to do it, but I know two young boys that will never forget this fishing trip.

Tom S. had some good luck Oct. 6-8 at Willow Springs Lake, including catching a EvHallCat_14-pound smallmouth bass: Hey guys this is my first time sending a report in so I hope it’s okay. My wife and I went up to the rim to camp and fish for the last time this year.  We fished Willow Springs Lake and usually have good luck catching average-to-good size trout. The boat ramp was open, but all the restrooms were closed — kind of dumb.  This trip we caught quality instead of quantity. To make it short, in the three days we fished, we only caught six fish, but the highlight of this is my wife caught a 2-pound trout and I was lucky enough to catch a 4-pound, 20-inch long smallmouth bass. I was trolling a night crawler on a trout rig with red beads and a silver spinner with one No. 10 hook!  My rod was bent in half from the time I hooked her until 15 minutes later when my wife got it netted. To say the least it was a good trip until Tuesday afternoon when the wind started to gust 50 mph and we had to break down camp! Can’t wait until next season. See pictures attached.

Read the whole report


Arizona Fishing Report – October 10, 2013

ZachhoryBassAnother first fish for a young angler: Zahkcory is at
it again — he caught his first largemouth bass at Papago ponds (pond 2) on a Roboworm in the early morning hours just after sunrise Oct 7.

Bartlett Lake was good to Gary N. on Oct. 6-7: After
all the confusion regarding the gov’t shutdown, (one of the news
channels said that the marinas were open but the lake itself was
closed!) I contacted the Bartlett Marina and they assured me that they were open and that the lake was not overly busy.

They launched my boat for a fee, and we were on our way.  We fished main lake points from 3PM to Full Dark, catching about 20 fish total, biggest was 2 ½ lbs. (photo attached) Bass were not pushing shad into the coves that we covered.  The next morning fishing was much slower, producing 4 fish in the 1 pound range.  Small fish were hitting drop shots with Green Pumpkin dream shot lures, along with Texas-rigged 4” black Senkos.  Most were caught on square-bill crankbaits in copper perch, and the biggest was fooled by a Texas-rigged Strike King rodent in Okechobee craw color.  Perfect weather and a great time on the lake.   Read More…


Arizona Fishing Report September 12, 2013

Lake Pleasant is a hot spot for some top-water striped bass action.But you’ll have to float your boat before the sun shows. The key has been to arrive just before the sun comes up, which has been around 5:10 a.m.

Arrive early, and watch out for bird and surface action.


Widespread rains across the state have helped drop lake water temperatures. Look for fish to get active once again, assuming this typical pattern holds true. We’ll see.
The top-water striper bite at Lake Pleasant is picking up. Get there at first light or you might miss the boils. Cover lots of water and look for birds or surface activity. Try top-water lures, jerkbaits and flies. (Zara Spook Juniors and buzzbaits tend to be successful this time of the year.)
The water temperature is beginning to fall at Roosevelt Lake. The low-80s in the morning to mid-80s in the afternoon are a marked drop from the previous week. Bass fishing reportedly is improving with increased success using crankbaits. Try fishing main lake points in 20-30 feet of water.
That said, Colorado River water temperatures from Picacho State Park to Imperial Dam remain around 88 degrees. One angler reported that on Martinez Lake, some of his best fish — including the 7-pound largemouth bass pictured above — came from the main channel. See Charles S.’s angler’s report below.

And be sure to check out the Lake Powell information in the full report. You might run into some of the best fishing you’ll find this year for striped bass, smallmouth bass and largemouth bass.
In the high country, trout stockings have continued at Tonto Creek, Oak Creek, Woods Canyon, Willow Springs, Bear Canyon, Sheeps Crossing and Silver Creek (500 Apache trout).

Read the Full Report