Bull Elk Hunt Begins on Friday!

Bull Elk Hunt Begins on Friday!

Friday Nuvember 7th, 2012 is the start of the one-week firearms bull elk hunt in most of northern Arizona, with thousands of hunters expected to be out in the woods this coming weekend in search of a trophy rack.

Arizona Game and Fish has issued 900 hunting permits alone in the game unit centered on Munds Park and Mormon Lake. There were 600 bull elk permits issued for the game units north of Flagstaff east and west of Highway 180 and 750 for the unit south of I-40 centered on Anderson Mesa.

After the bull elk hunt ends next Thursday, the antlerless elk hunters get a chance in many of the same areas. That hunt extends for a week to 10 days, depending on the location.

The two-week archery-only bull elk hunt in much of the region ends today.

New this year on the Coconino National Forest is a ban on using motorized vehicles off designated roads for game retrieval in certain hunting zones. These include Unit 11M surrounding the city of Flagstaff and Units 5A and 5B extending south from I-40 across Anderson Mesa to Happy Jack and Blue Ridge.

For more information on the hunt, call the Game and Fish regional office in Flagstaff at 774-5045.

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